What is the SLC?

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a national program that focuses on developing student volunteers into strong servant leaders. 

This program will focus on developing leadership skills and giving high school students the opportunity to collaborate with others from around the nation to develop actual veteran-centered service projects using a virtual platform. 

Our Mission

Student Leadership Council, sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs, empowers students with the resources, training and experiences to develop into servant leaders, through VA core values, and a lifetime commitment to service.

VA Core Values

The VA’s five core values (ICARE) are foundation to the SLC’s core values. 

Integrity: Act with high moral principles. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom I engage. 

Commitment: Work diligently to serve Veterans and other beneficiaries. Be driven by an earnest belief in VA’s mission. Fulfill my individual responsibilities and organizational responsibilities. 

Advocacy: Be truly Veteran-centric by identifying, fully considering, and appropriately advancing the interests of Veterans and other beneficiaries. 

Respect: Treat all those I serve and with whom I work with dignity and respect. Show respect to earn it.

Excellence: Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership, accountable for my actions, willing to admit mistakes, and rigorous in correcting them.

Our Vision

Develop tomorrow’s leaders today, by empowering them to dream big and seek a life of servant leadership in an effort to cultivate better societal norms, directly enriching the Veteran Community.

Executive Team

We are dedicated to building the next generation of leaders. We are passionate about cultivating a culture of leadership and collaboration. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Tyrone Green

Program Director

Mary Golden

Director, Mentorship

Andra Taylor

Director, IT

Juan Godinez

Director, HR

Brian White

Director, Chief of Staff

Kirin Kaur

Director, Marketing

Kara Tanner

Kara Tanner

Director, Curriculum

Michael Poma

Director, Data Analytics

Blake Makuuchi

Director, Alumni Communications


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