The CDCE SLC is an all-volunteer national leadership development program for adults and high-school students registered within the VHA system to help support Veterans. As a hybrid program under the CDCE, SLC began in 2021 as a call for action to support our nation’s teens to become servant leaders and provide service projects for our nation’s heroes.

The SLC teaches the core values of the VA and Leadership directives within a community of inclusivity and open-mindedness. The student ambassadors are enrolled into a curriculum to develop the strong leaders of tomorrow and change societal norms to be better. Supported by teams of Staff and individual Mentors, the Student Ambassadors complete coursework on servant leadership, they conduct local projects for their regional Veterans Affairs locations, and complete a national project to support Veterans alongside their program peers.  Through SLC, participants have the ability to interact and learn from Top Leaders within the VA, Members of the Military Community, Celebrities, Non-Profit Organizations, National CEOs, and Influential Community Leaders.

U.S. Citizens

Students enrolled in school ages 15-18

Mentors ages 18+

Staff/Advisors and Partners 18+

Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Interns enrolled in college/university affiliated with Department of State program

For an opportunity to be a part of an exclusive program that supports Veterans while encouraging personal growth, strong leadership skills, and support networking and camaraderie for a lifelong connection.

 Opportunities to work in specific areas of the program:

  • Benefits of Mentoring 
  • Opportunities to become a servant leader 
  • Opportunities to Honor Veterans
    • Learning American History through the Veterans

Whether you are a student, mentor, partner or looking to be a staff member… click here to fill out the interest form. A SLC Staff member from the appropriate department will reach out to you. We will send you an application or communication for your involvement.

We respect privacy and confidentiality. All collected data is for the sole use of improving the SLC. We may provide student information while submitting scholarships and grants on behalf of the student. We will only use your information in a responsible and positive manner.

Depending on your role, yes. We will need you to be entered into the CDCE system as an official volunteer of the VA.

For Students: May – August

For Mentors: April – August

For Interns: September – May

For Advisors: Quarterly

For Staff and Partners: Year Long

For Students: Generally, 5 hours a week

For Mentors: Generally, 6-10 hours a month

Staff: Generally, 10 hours a week

Partner: No set time requirement

Advisor: No set time requirement

No. We are all volunteers here to benefit Veterans. Our hours are documented within the CDCE system for future program improvement and expansion.

We offer a variety of ways. You can be a Student Ambassador, a Mentor, a Volunteer Staff, VSFS Intern, National Speaker, Volunteer Advisor, or a Partner that offers connections, insights, development opportunities, or monetary support.