National Blood Drive

The SLC is partnering with the American Red Cross, ELKS, and America's Blood Centers to combat the blood shortage across the nation.



In order to save patients in perilous medical emergencies, no matter what race, gender, or nationality one may be, America bears witness to 13.6 million units of blood donations each year. As a coordinated and unified effort, health care workers and doctors alike have been kindling blood drives for decades on end. And now youth leaders have recognized the significance of what is at stake, where we too contribute in producing pints of blood, pints which in its singularity can save up to three lives.


Recently, Covid-19 has presented numerous roadblocks to the overarching mission of sparking blood drives around our nation. Revitalizing and revolutionizing our strive, blood drives now come in more creative and diverse forms than ever before. In addition to recruiting student donors, blood drives can now be hosted digitally as well as in churches and mosques. With the commitment of SLC, young students are now engaging in collaborating with adults to access blood drive sites, coordinate dates, and recruit donors.


Out of the 6.8 million blood drives hosted each year in the United States, all demonstrate both passion and motivation. However, it is made clear by health care workers, volunteers, and doctors alike that donating blood is not without its prick. At the site itself, where the events of that day are shared widely throughout social media, potential donors are able to gaze into what the actual blood drive might be like. QR code and flyers show donors what and where the event will be and in many blood drives, donors are given a 10 dollar gift card and a chance to raffle for a prize.